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In the era of modern computer technologies geographical location of company, that creates, develops, advertises and supports the site doesn't matter any more. By means of e-mail, electronic payment system, systems of joint project development everything can be done even when people are on different continents of the globe. Thus, there comes a new type of cooperation between the hired people and the client – so-called remote cooperation. 


In order to make our rapport easier, we've come up with a step-by-step plan for remote cooperation during the site creation and web-design development. 

If you want to order web-design for you site on-line:

The first contact between developer and client. Choose the necessary package for a site and press the “Order a site” button, register on our site by filling in all the necessary fields.

    1. Make a nominal advance payment ($5) for the work to be started*. This payment is necessary for us to make sure about the seriousness of your intentions – because only our company in two days shows you a functional layout of your future site for a preview. This fee would be deducted from the site's price.
    2. At this stage the future project is discussed in outline. Site order form is to be filled in (brief for site creation), it will be sent to your e-mail after the payment.
    3. Our professional optimizers and designers will create the most effective layout for your site, which would match your wishes and the modern trends in web-design. The layouts' links would be sent to your e-mail address during 2 working days after the advance payment. Note, that every layout will contain 2 or 3 site's web-pages (functional) with a temporary text and pictures.
    4. You specify all the details and approve the final variant.
    5. After the approval we will sign an on-line contract with you – we will send to your e-mail a link, by means of following which you can get aware of the contract clauses and also sign a contract with our web-studio digitally.
    6. The site creation itself starts after you pay 50% of the sum, mentioned in the contract (link for the payment will also be sent to your e-mail address). The date, when money will come to the web-studio account will be considered the date when the web-site creation starts. At this stage (after paying the first part – 50%) you can get a free domain!
    7. After the site creation started you send us all the information, which will appear on your site (content). In most cases the client himself provides all the graphical (if there are any) and text materials for the site content, and our SEO-optimizers will get them ready for demonstration.
    8. Then there comes the testing stage. It's a stage of high importance, because during it all the bugs (if there are any) are corrected and the site is getting ready for publishing (send the list of corrections to e-mail).
    9. And, at last, the final stage – project delivery. The client pays the rest of the sum and we install the web-site on the server. We remember you, that since you've ordered a site from us, you automatically get a free server and a domain which are registered on your name for one year.
    10. But in most cases our cooperation with client isn't finished at this stage because a new site needs ranking and a constant support. 


Before ordering a site we advise you to read the information about our services, prices and to get aware of our brief!