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Site ranking is a necessary stage of its development. Ordering site ranking in different searching systems or its promotion by different methods will allow to take a leading place in the TOP of searching systems, and, therefore, attract more visitors.

Thus, by promoting your site, you will get an effective marketing tool, that will allow you to not only to make a perfect advertisement, but also to sell your services or products.

As site promotion and ranking is quite a difficult process, which demands taking into consideration a large amount of details and depends on plenty of nuances (starting from the constant research of changing searching algorithms and to tracking rivals' actions), in order to get the desired result of the ranking, we recommend you to trust only the real professionals in this field.

Remember, that not only your image in the Internet depends on your site's qualitative ranking, but what's more important – your business profit. 

Site optimization – is a ranking's basis:

The most efficient tool for an advertising campaign in the Internet is attraction of the customers – searching systems users. This requires performing site's search optimization in advance. 

Current sites' optimization and ranking projects

We (the Weblime web-studio) are working on complex promotion for various sites: from corporative sites and to the Internet news portals. Our studio's crew has proved more than once, that it has wide abilities and professional knowledge in the sphere of site ranking according to the highest demands.

On the right you will see some examples of the Internet portals, which were moved to the first positions from 325 million of pages:

So what is site ranking?

 - gives site a higher rank in searching systems;
- provides the increase of visitors' amount
- increases the sales level by means of bigger amount of the target clients
-  allows to get a global recognition, because the Internet advertisement is boundless, and a combination of worldwide availability with an expert site promotion will help you to get it
- allows to make your brand recognizable only by means of the effective advertising Internet campaign and site corporate identity.


What you can order on-line from us:

  • guaranteed rankings for one key-word you choose of the middle and low difficulty level – on the Google first search page in maximum 90 days! (The key-word example: “newborn clothes”)

The difference between us and other services offered here is that we never ask you to mark the order complete unless you see the results. Why do you have to pay someone if no results are shown at all? Its completely no use, right? Don't fall for fake guarantees read the services here properly?

* We work with the key-words in foreign languages – Romanian, Spanish, Italian, Hebrew, Arabic etc.
* A key-word is taken as a middle and a low competition if it has a search index of no more than 4000 per month. You can check the search number for this or that word – for Google –, and if you want to check this word in Yandex, use the link

How to order:

  • press the “calculate the price” button
  • fill in the form in the opened window
  • send an inquiry (for free)
  • our professionals will analyze your site and a key-word in 2 working days. They will send the result and the price for this service together with the link for payment to your e-mail address.

Prices for our services:

The price for guaranteed rankings of one key-word you choose of the middle and low difficulty level – on the Google first search page in maximum 90 days – from $200 to $500 depending on the key-word competition. 

Note! We do not charge monthly fees as others do – you only pay for a certain result.
* In 90 days, if we do not achieve the necessary result – we will return your money back.
* We use only Panda, Penguine safe methods, so your website will stay long tome in top