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"Promotion in social networks – it's an advertising activity, based on the attraction of people into community"

Promotion of business and site in famous social networks – Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc.

According to the latest data of the analysts, mentioning in the social networks is one of the most significant factors, which influence site ranking. In many social systems signals are the quality indicators for searching systems. There are different signals in different social networks:

- in Google+ it's pluses and subscribers
- in Facebook – comments and likes
- in Twitter – followers, retwits and favorites
- in YouTube – views and channel subscriptions


As promotion in social networks attracts users directly from the social environment, due to its effectiveness it could be compared to a context targeted advertisement, placed on the partners' sites.

We can provide you the users for the social accounts, fill the communities with the targeted audience and will improve the social factors in all the known social networks.

When creating a community you will have an opportunity to gather all the targeted users at one space, and this will help you to influence the company's reputation and promote your goods and services at the same time. Having a corporate social accounts allows to improve company's image and to keep in touch with clients all the time. 

How do social networks influence site ranking?

Nowadays you will find very few people who are not signed in social networks. Most of them have their accounts at least at one, and usually at several of them: VKontakte, Facebook, Twitter, Odnoklassniki, Google. This is exactly where people share their opinions, mention being in high spirits or vice versa and finally just communicate with each other. Hence, it's not a surprise, that this information from the social networks is gladly used by various searching systems for ranking.

But there is some differences in detecting this networks by searching systems (Google and Yandex), so there must be a different approach to them. 



This network plays a significant role in promotion of Russian resources, because more that 60 million people log in this most popular social network in Russia every day. There's no point in placing your site's links, because they are installed by redirect and after all do not influence TIC and PageRank. But if you get profiles, communities, notes and statuses, you will decline yourself and your site. Number of community members is also important – if they are more than 500, Yandex will definitely detect this community, this will influence ranking and also will provide additional traffic.



It's obvious that worldwide most popular social network could and might influence site ranking. Crucial point is to grasp how to affect different searching mechanisms. This site protects its users from spam, because all the links here are nofollow and are of no value for TIC and PageRank, but if there come likes, and what's more – it's important that like should be put on the page and not on the separate news, so that it would influence indexation. The more likes account gets, the more links on this account appear on the users' pages. Note, that not all likes are equal – the more popular and recognizable is the person, who puts a like, the more this like matters. Thus, in order to promote a site using this social network we advice to create a separate account for your site and to attract people there by exciting discussions, various competitions and quizzes. In case if your visitors share your page's link with their friends it would be more significant.


Twitter and SEO

Yandex, Google and other searching systems gladly index a twit. If there is a link in this text, it also should go through indexation, what's more important is that before indexation it only provides traffic, but after indexation it affects the output result. Here, like in Facebook user, who wrote a twit, must be active and authoritative – this is of a great value. On these grounds a particular ranking is based, and besides the significance grows as there are bigger amounts of retwits and adding to the “favorites”. Site promotion it Twitter makes site ranking and the whole indexation process noticeably faster.

Google Plus

Google+ searching algorithms

As the Google+ owners themselves proclaim – their network won't be useful for a site ranking. But when it comes to practice it's quite the opposite. Google-search will rank the site if it's page is added to the circles. Every “+1” from the network users or Gmail address owners positively affect site ranking speed. If there is a Google+ indicator on your site page, then every like would be detected by a searching mechanism as a user's credence, which in its turn increases resource's relevance. Thus we come to the conclusion that social networks significantly affect site ranking, but to get this it's necessary to create accounts and always see them to be active and use those methods, which are detected by searching systems.

Our packages for promotion in social networks:

You can order more than one package when making an order.

GOOGLE+ on website$15

  • 500 Google+

Google+ Followers$10

  • 500 Google+ Followers

Twitter Followers$15


Twitter Retweets$15


We will deliver more than you order!