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Any site is a part of your business, so it needs a constant support and attention. Of course, you've already spent your energy and money for site creation, it's promotion and ranking, but what happens if after all these expenses you stop at this and forget about your site? 

The site without updates and support:

- if your site's content won't be updated regularly, the search systems would start to pessimize it's search rankings
- your site will become outdated, because not only web-design becomes outdated, but a functionality also does
- the first signs of a decline are site's working malfunctions
- if you forget to prolong hosting and domain, there is a risk to lose your site, because your site was recognizable and popular with this exact hosting and domain
and, at last, your site can be hacked or just erased, because you don't pay the necessary attention to your site's security.

Regulation works for site support:

  1. database optimization and service
  2. server log's monitoring and cleaning
  3. reserve data copying
  4. CMS core updating
  5. site's modules and components updating
  6. security vulnerability removal
  7. mail service efficiency providing
  8. periodical password changing

All these processes require complex knowledge and must be performed regularly, so it's better to entrust them to a profile company. In order to omit extra costs and outgoings, you'd better order the support for your site right now! In any situation we will find an optimal solution for you.  

Reasons for the site support:

- constant modernization of security violation methods
- constant updating the searching systems ranking algorithms
- technological progress
- new trends in web-design
- regular site's material actualization for a search traffic increase


Site support costs

In this chapter we will introduce the information about what makes a site technical support, and how much it will cost for you to order it from Weblime web-studio. 

Site technical support includes the following basic processes:

• updating of core, components and modules of content managing systems
• performing the regulation works, which include: reserve copying, deleting temporary files, logs' analysis and cleaning, database tables analysis, paying for domain and hosting on time
• monitoring of network attacks
• publishing client's 10 graphical and 10 text materials
• editing 10 pages of existing content each month

Site's technical support will cost you $150 per month


* We offer website support only for websites built by us.